[Review] Just Mobile Xtand Vent Mount (Video)

Phone mounts come in a variety of options. Just Mobile’s offering is the Xtand Vent ($25: Just Mobile, Amazon), a mount that slides securely into nearly any air vent in vehicles.

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While not as efficient as mounts that rely on magnets, such as this model by Spigen, this method is arguably more secure for your phone, as one end of the mount slides outwards and automatically clamps tightly onto the side of your smartphone. The Xtand Vent also has an adjustable tightener on its rear that lets you secure the mount’s angle to be just where you want it. The adjustability is made possible by an aluminum ball-joint swivel mechanism that I had no problems with.

And that’s essentially the Xtand Vent.

I feel as though the price of $25 is a bit much for this particular product, mainly considering that there are many very similar products that are noticeably cheaper and can ultimately do the same task. Should you decide to get the Xtand Vent by Just Mobile, you’ll likely be happy with what you’re getting.

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