[Review] Raigen X19 Wireless Charger

The convenience of wireless charging is unmistakable. Why plug in a physical cable if you don’t have to? There’s where a product like the Raigen X19 come in, as it offers fast wireless charging speeds and the natural convenience while priced at just under $20 on Amazon.

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The X19 itself – available in light gray and charcoal colors – features a non-detachable cable. It’s long enough, but for those who want to use their own cables of various lengths, that won’t be possible. Fortunately, the cable is plenty long and matches the color of the charger that you get. Keep in mind that the darker model will, naturally, attract dust far more than the white model.

What might not match is the QuickCharge 3.0-compatible wall charger. Regardless of the color X19 you purchase, both wall chargers are white. Still, the value proposition is certainly there as these chargers are there own are anywhere from $5 – $15. If you have a device that supports fast wired charging, simply plug it in and you now have another charger to use. It will get fairly warm, but likely not to the point where it might cause problems.

Going back to the charger, the front – where the back of your phone sits up against – has a fabric finish, similar to the Google Home line of products, so it fits in with most people’s furnishings. The left and right sides feature red and blue LEDs that dictate the charging state. There’s some minor ventilation on the back. The base it metal while the charging portion is plastic. There are also some rubber strips on the bottom to decrease slipping. Everything feels pretty nicely built.

Using the charger is just as expected. Simply place the phone on the cradle and it will begin charging. If you have a case, there’s a good chance it will work. Just make sure it’s not a thick Otterbox style case. You also can’t use magnetic back plates (the ones that are used with magnetic mounts). The X19 supports wireless charging at up to 10W. For most devices, that’s plenty fast, but it can’t keep up with newer wattage, such as the 45W that’s supported by the new Galaxy Note10. However, the way I see it is that these chargers are better for convenience. If you’re in a rush for a big charge, you’d likely rely on wired charging anyway. All told, the X19 and a 10W phone, it’s still quite speedy.

There is room for improvement. For example, the charger is a bit top heavy. Perhaps moving one of the bottom rubber strips back a little more may have helped. As mentioned earlier, a removable cable would’ve been convenient. Lastly, the area where the bottom of your phone sits should be larger to more easily accommodate phones with cases.

At the end of the day, the Raigen X19 checks the critical boxes to where it can easily be recommended, especially at the $19.99 price. It has good looks and performs as it should.

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