Making your Office Computers look Clean

This guest post was provided by Anna Hicks.

Keeping office computers clean is important for improving the appearance of the office and for ensuring that the computer functions correctly and efficiently. Clients or business associates will enjoy doing business in an office where the most important equipment is clean and running efficiently. Routine cleaning of the computer is important. The static energy generated by the computer attracts dust, and the dust settles inside the computer and clogs interior components, including the fan. Eventually, the computer overheats and the hard drive is destroyed.

Computer Surface and Vents

Cleaning the plastic surface of the computer periodically will make the computer look as good as new for a longer time. The vents in the surface should be cleaned because dust and grime settle in these openings. Dust enters the vent and can cover internal components and the computer fan. A dusty computer fan becomes sluggish and the computer starts overheating. Heat causes internal damage and you may need to replace the parts of the computer.


The keyboard of a computer attracts a lot of dirt and dust. You may be eating while working on your keyboard and food particles will get in between the keys. Keyboards are places where harmful and unhealthy bacteria breed. Bacteria can cause colds and coughs, food poisoning and vomiting. Food particles trapped in the keyboard can attract mice that can damage computer wires and result in expensive computer replacements.


Dirt, dust, fingerprints and other smudges make your monitor look dirty. You need to have a clear view of the monitor to read clearly. A dirty monitor is not only distracting but can slow down productivity. You will get headaches and increase the strain on your eye. No client wants to come in and see grimy monitors. One can damage the monitor by using the wrong type of cleaning agent. Getting professional help will ensure that the monitor looks new, and viewing the monitor is easy and clear.


You should clean and disinfect your mouse once a month. If the mouse gets very dirty, it will give poor performance, its tracking will be slow, and you will find clicking a problem.

Hard Drive

The hard drive of the computer stores all the files. The files may be useful or unnecessary. In a large office computer, the hard drive will store large files that use up most or all of its space. The hard drive will also store downloaded files and very often viruses and malware. You should periodically clean the hard drive of your office computers to get rid of unnecessary files, temporary files and unnecessary files downloaded from the internet that occupy hard drive space. If the hard drive remains full, it will slow the computer down and decrease the productivity of the office in the internet age.

Viruses and Malware

Viruses, malware, and spyware can cause major damage to office computers. They make the computer run slowly and corrupt files. Viruses, malware and spyware and are also used to steal information, especially from business computers. There are many online sites that claim to make computers free of viruses without charging a fee. These sites are often fake and will install viruses and malware. Free downloadable software is also suspect. You should get a reputable IT company, such as, with experts who will clean and remove all viruses, spyware, and malware from the computer periodically. Viruses and malware, if left to multiply, will damage the hard disks of business and office computers and may bring the entire business to a halt.

Cleaning the office computers at least once a month is important to maintain increased productivity. Getting computers cleaned professionally will be a cost-effective method of increasing office productivity. Periodic cleaning and disinfecting the exterior and interior of computers will ensure that the workforce is healthy, the office is clean and looks impressive, and the computers function quickly and smoothly for the long-term benefit of the business as a whole.

If you own your own business, you should consider these cleaning tips to make the office better for you, your employees and new customers.