[Review] JISONCASE Genuine Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy S7 (Video)

Wallet cases can be classy, practical ways of carrying more than just your phone with you in one convenient package. JISONCASE’s genuine leather wallet case offers ample compartment space with a price of $16.99 (JISONCASE | Aliexpress) that won’t wear you down.

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Overwhelming you with smell is the genuine leather itself. With such a material comes incredible build quality; from the feel to the stitching, it’s all there. Reliability and longevity should be of little concern with this case.

Like most wallet cases, JISONCASE’s variant allows you to safely insert two cards as well as some notes or cash tucked neatly behind the card slots. I used two standard credit card-style cards in addition to a few much thinner insurance cards tucked behind one of the normal cards and there were no issues. Everything remained in place, nor did I worry about a card accidentally sliding out. During my usage, I also tucked three bills of cash into the available pouch without there being too much additional bulging, which is also quite common with these types of cases.

Accessibility also isn’t a problem, with the earpiece, camera, ports and buttons always available. The volume buttons can also be pressed through the spine, though some sort of nub or other physical indicated would be appreciated to make them a little easier to access when the front cover is closed.

Speaking of the front cover, the magnetic clasp works well, even with the case is stuffed with items. It might get in the way when using your phone in landscape mode as it does work as a media stand. It can be tucked back behind the case, however.

For the special of $16.99 / regular price of $19.99, this is certainly an accessory that can be recommended for those who enjoy using a wallet-style case. While I personally prefer using slimmer solutions, this is a quality case that should surely please.

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