The 3 Best Camera Drones of 2018

This guest post was provided by Russell Edmonds.

Drones are at the peak of their game right now, with top of the line 4k cameras and portability that makes them easy to take anywhere. So, if you’ve been thinking about investing in one of these high-flying pieces of technology, now is the time to dive in.

While there’s not usually any expert-level knowledge needed to get started with a drone, picking out the right drone does require some insight and awareness of what features you’re looking for.

After hours and hours of research, investigation, and personal testing in the sky, we’ve compiled some of the best camera drones on the market right now to help make the buying process a breeze for you.

Without any further ado, here are the 3 best camera drones of 2018, curated for you:

1. DJI Mavic Air

This foldable drone is our top choice on the market right now, with photo and video quality that isn’t compromised by its portability.

Why We Love It:

  • Fits into something as small as a jacket pocket
  • Top-notch avoidance of obstacles
  • Delivers 4k video at speeds up to 100Mbps

The best thing about the DJI Mavic Air is that you don’t’ have to make many compromises with it. The only caveat we could find is a 21-minute battery life that will require frequent changing.

Otherwise, this neat camera drone has fun features like tracking of moving objects, boomeranging around an object on a set path, and spherical video capture as it descends towards the earth.

At only $700, this drone is a truly great value. However, we do recommend spending a tad bit more to get their bundle that comes with extra batteries.

2. DJI Spark

This smaller drone comes with a smaller price tag to match. You don’t have to live without the fun features you love, however.

Why We Love It:

  • Gesture controls – no controller needed!
  • Quickshot modes
  • Small and light for portability
  • Fun colors

The DJI Spark is a lighter option for someone looking for a more affordable price tag ($321) without losing the “coolness” factor. The Spark comes in fun shell colors and responds to gesture controls which means there’s no controller needed. You can control it via your smartphone for more control, however, if that’s more your speed.

Its lightness may act as both a strength and a weakness, though, as it might be affected by strong gusts of wind while it flies. This tiny drone (the size of a can) can also only stand a relatively short flight time, which shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise.

3. Parrot Bebop 2

This fisheye lens camera drone captures video in a new perspective. It’s mid-range price tag (only $250!) comes along with a surprising number of features.

Why We Love It:

  • Video recording free of shaking or vibrating
  • Controller and headset make for ease of use
  • Intelligent construction
  • Unique camera perspective for cool shots

This drone comes with construction built to reduce shaking of video quality for a smooth video product every time. To raise the drone experience to the next level, you can purchase their flight controller and headset combo, which transform your smartphone into a controller and let you get a view of what the drone is seeing as it flies through the air. While this viewpoint feature might be a bit unfamiliar at first, it’ll soon have you wishing that every drone came with this incredible perspective.

Parrot does charge extra to unlock other features like a “follow me” tool or planned flight routes, which adds to the cost if you’re looking for a higher-functioning drone.

Unlock Your Drone Video Potential

With the help of one of these top drones of 2018, you too can produce high quality drone videos like that of With fun features like moving object tracking, fisheye lenses, and boomeranging combined with top-notch 4K video quality, your videos will come out incredible.