3 Essential Organizational Tools and Gadgets for Business Owners

Running a successful business is like running a machine. Comprised of several essential components, each cog must be in working order and given the attention it deserves. It can be difficult to manage at times, and if organization is not a priority, things can unravel extremely fast.

Luckily, we live in the 21st century where tools and technology are at our disposal. Business owners aren’t expected to do everything on their own, and because of this one can find a software or application to fulfill nearly every need they might have.

Online Brand Management Platforms

It’s pretty much common sense that nowadays, a successful business needs to have a solid online presence—and that can be accomplished with an effective online brand management platform. Platforms like Chatmeter offer business owners a comprehensive application designed to monitor all number of factors that play into a business’s online presence and its ability to convert readers into buyers.

While this can be used by anyone, these platforms are designed for larger businesses that are specifically interested in expanding their online presence to promote their brand. Features like SEO rank tracking, social media analytics, and even website design can be implemented and monitored on these platforms.

Another tool that the best online management platforms offer is the ability to track competitors’ patterns. Being able to benchmark another company’s statistics and metrics may encourage a brand to create innovative ways to promote customer traffic and ROI for their own company.

Skype for Business

Nearly everyone these days has used Skype for one thing or another. And while many people primarily use it for communicating with family, it has now reached a number of different demographics due to its useful and convenient nature. If for some reason you’re not familiar, Skype is an incredibly user-friendly application that allows people to text, audio, or video chat with people from their computer or even handheld devices now with Skype for Mobile.

Businesses can make use of this application for such instances as: long distance interviews, meetings, and conferences just to name a few. Skype for Business still includes instant messaging, video conferencing, and audio conferencing. However, it also comes with numerous other features conducive to running a business.

Skype for Business allows one to input a contact list using a local directory service, through a Microsoft Exchange Server. You also have the ability to organize contacts into subsets, simplifying the search process and creating an easy to follow visual structure. No matter what your product or division, Skype for Business can be used across the board.


Especially useful for smaller businesses that are looking for a boost, Mailchimp is an email marketing platform whose main objective is to help you reach as many potential clients as possible. A web-based application, Mailchimp does not require its users to download or install any extraneous software. Simply access them through your web browser, and you are ready to set up an account.

If you are a newer business that hasn’t built up its contact list yet, not to worry. Mailchimp generates a signup list, which business owners can post to their social media accounts to collect from prospective contacts.

Once you have created a campaign and sent out your first couple of emails, you can then access the campaign reports. This allows businesses to monitor their audience engagement by way of how many contacts clicked, opened, or unsubscribed from your campaign.

Once you have compiled a hefty contact list, you will be able to organize your contacts into other lists. This is a great way to individualize campaigns to potential clients and manage your different networks through a marketing eye.


A business is always going to be an interactive process, forming a relationship with customers and garnering their feedback. With more feedback being posted online, it is necessary that businesses create a strong presence on the web to maintain accessibility. Whether you are a major national brand or a new startup company, anyone can use these three tools to help optimize their organization.