The 3 Best Brands for iPhone Charging Cases

This guest post was provided by Jonathan.

As iPhones continue to improve and advance with lightning speed, so do the cases made for them. Phone cases became popular once utility called for it, as there came a point in iPhone development that left the device too fragile not to be susceptible to breakage. But since they’ve become more mainstream, aesthetic has also become a factor in its adoption.

Now, iPhone cases that charge while they are being used are the new up and coming convenience feature and they are in high demand, so it is important you know which to invest in. Take a look at some of your top options when pondering which charging case is most suitable for your needs:


If you are looking for an iPhone case that charges, is affordable, and comes in a wide range of designs, your best bet is the famous online shop Casely. They have beautiful, trendy designs on all of their cases that make them a perfect accessory that is guaranteed to suit your fancy, especially if you are into the marble look. As far as their charging cases go, your choice of design is limited to marble; but this will hopefully will change as the trend in charging cases surges.

Casely provides cases that have substantial built-in chargers with a battery capacity of either 3,000 or 6,000 mAh depending on the model of phone it’s made to fit. It also has a shock-proof exterior that significantly prevents the phone from getting damaged by impact.

Plenty of buyers were satisfied by their purchase, as displayed by the products’ high reviews; and if you are on the look for a charging case with fast shipping and/or easy returns, this is the phone accessory you have been waiting for.


LUX is a quality accessories producer, for phones and otherwise. While this makes them slightly more expensive than other providers, the standard speaks for itself. LUX’s charging iPhone cases are sleek, monochromatic, and contemporary. They look as technologically advanced in aesthetical as they are in function, and their utilitarian purpose is not half-bad, either.

The vast amount of reviews from former buyers are five-stars out of five-stars, as everyone seems to be very happy with their purchase. This could be due to their worldwide free shipping and/or full manufacturer’s warranty.

Additionally, the phone case doubles the phone’s battery capacity, making it extremely efficient and useful. It is fully supportive of every iPhone’s lightning port, meaning it will comply with listening to music, making calls, and any other headphone use.


Phone cases can be found in a broad scope of places, and on Etsy, one provider named Nanogramstore is doing really well. Nanogramstore produces charging iPhone cases of various iPhone kinds, and while the aesthetic between phones is largely similar as a wood casing, the type of wood used can be chosen by the customer.

They have fifteen different varieties from which you can choose, and the cases themselves are very affordable considering the craftsmanship and charging efficiency that goes into them. The downside is, if you are not one for the wooden aesthetic, this shop has little to no options for you.

They have extremely high reviews, and appeal to a vast amount of people as shown by the success of their production. Each charging case is of 2,400 mAh battery capacity with a lithium ion battery. Also, with the help of each slim, flexible, customized wood case, an iPhone’s susceptibility to breakage minimizes significantly when entrapped in said case.

Final Thoughts…

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to accessories for your iPhone, so it is best to be aware of them when deciding what is best for you. The products listed above merely scratch the surface of all that is available to you!

Remember to keep in mind the aesthetic and function you want before scoping out a company that works for you. With our suggestions, you’re sure to find the product you need!

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