Top 5 Benefits of Unlocking Your Phone

This guest post was submitted by Borche Stefanov.

Carriers usually lock their phones – meaning that your phone can only use their SIM cards and it will come with pre-installed apps and a number of other limitations. Nowadays there are lots of ways you can unlock your phone. Even through a secure online service like SafeUnlockCode where you can unlock your phone in an easy 5-minute process. After unlocking your phone, you will get rid of all these limitations and get a few more benefits along the way. These are the top 5 benefits you get after unlocking your phone.

1. Using your phone with any SIM card

A locked phone means that you can only use SIM cards from the network that locked your phone. After you unlock it you can use any other SIM card from any other network. If you don’t unlock it and put in another SIM card from a different network – you will only be able to use the emergency calls features.


2. Using your phone from different locations

Some network providers lock their phones to locations. That means if your phone can be locked to certain locations around your state and you wouldn’t be able to use your phone outside of those locations. If you unlock your phone, you can use it in different locations from all around the world. This is the most beneficial to travelers.

3. Removing pre-installed apps

Unlocked phones can remove those annoying, useless apps that come installed when you buy your locked phones. They are usually some service-apps that relate to your carrier and even if you are in the need of that service you could find better and free alternatives.

4. Getting faster software updates

Carriers delay phone software updates because they need the time to test it and make sure that it works well with their SIM cards and network services. That takes time – usually a month or so. It means that if you have a locked phone you will get the OS (software) updates a month later than usual. If you unlock your phone, you will get the OS update as soon as it is officially released.

5. Selling your phone for a higher price

There’s no question that unlocking a phone costs some money and a little bit of time. Because of this, people usually look for unlocked phones when they are buying a used one. And quite rightfully so, you can give your phone a higher asking price if it’s unlocked. Not only that you get a higher price, but you can sell it more easily too.

Given all these benefits and options for unlocking your phone, you can go ahead and unlock it right away and instantly get a better functioning phone. We recommend unlocking your phone to everyone since you get a lot of benefits and there are no risks or limitations involved in the process. What are some other benefits you got after you unlocked your phone? How did you unlock your phone?