[Review] LUNATIK FLAK for iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6s Plus (Video)

With a polycarbonate shell and TPU inner layer, LUNATIK’s “FLAK” case offers a fair amount of protection and grip for your iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6s Plus.

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It’s important to note that the price of this case is currently $34.95 from LUNATIK’s website. That’s a tad bit more than I wish it would cost, especially considering there are no extras (such as screen protectors) included with your purchase.

As mentioned, the FLAK has a hard, polycarbonate shell and thicker-than-most TPU material on the inside. Adding these together offers quite a bit of protection without adding too much in the way of bulk. However, if you’re used to using slim cases, or perhaps no case at all, it may take quite a while to get used to the added thickness from the FLAK. The added thickness indeed takes away from other areas, such as the size of the Lightning port cutout and the silent switch. The latter is quite recessed, so you’ll be using your nail to access it. The Lightning port cutout is both recessed and small, so third party plugs may have issues sliding in. The same also goes for the 3.5mm headset jack. The cables that I use the most were unable to fit into the port, which rendered this case mostly unusable for me.

On the bright side, the volume and power buttons are very clicky, and are easy enough to press. If you find yourself pressing these quite often (who doesn’t?), this is something that you’ll really come to enjoy. The case also doesn’t look half bad, and the polycarbonate shell provides more grip than many cases available on the market today.

If your cables just so manage to fit through the port cutouts on the FLAK, I seriously would consider this case. The protection and added grip are great things to have on their own, though a $24.95 price point would’ve been more appreciated.

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