[Review] SwitchEasy N+ for iPhone 6+/6s+ (Video)

With its slim and glossy design, SwitchEasy’s N+ case for the iPhone 6+/6s+ won’t require much from your wallet, and does help keep your smartphone protected.

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If you decide to get this case directly from SwitchEasy, expect to pay $19.99. Not that that’s a bad price for this particular case, but it’s just that you can get the same thing direct from Amazon for just $9.99, complete with Prime shipping. You also have 4 different colors to choose from. For this review, I took a look at the blue model, which didn’t play very well with my camera.

Inside of the overly-complicated packaging is the case itself, warranty information, and a clear screen protector, which has a wide cutout for the earpiece, and a U-shaped cutout for the home button area.

The N+ itself is very slim, adding no noticeable thickness to the iPhone 6+ or iPhone 6s+. Its small lay-on-the-table design allows you to place the device display-down onto a surface without the display actually touching it. The rear of the case uses glossy TPU, which helps with grip, while the textured inside (and the front lip) uses more of a matte material.

Featured on the N+ are SwitchEasy’s “Native Touch” button covers, which aim to give you tactile feedback that’s similar to the actual buttons on the iPhone. They work well, as the case’s button covers are easy to press, but they do take a small amount of feedback away. Above the volume buttons is a small cutout for the silent switch, which is a tad recessed. Along the bottom edge is the cutout for the speaker, Lightning port, 3.5mm headset jack, and the bottom microphone. Unfortunately, the Lightning port and 3.5mm cutouts are quite small, so larger third-party plugs probably won’t fit. Moving along to the back, you’ll find the pill-shaped camera cutout, that’s also outlined in black, which helps reduce the chance of having issues when taking photos or videos using the LED flash.

Actually using the case was a fairly positive experience. The N+ had plenty of grip, is easy to put on and take off, all while providing an adequate amount of protection. While I don’t think it would be a probably paying $20 for this case, getting it for half that on Amazon is well worth the attention.

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