[Review] SwitchEasy Nude for iPhone 6+/6s+ (Video)

SwitchEasy is a go-to maker of some great slim and simple cases for a number of different smartphones. One of their slimmest options might just be the Nude. At 0.8mm thin, the Nude could be one of the best cases for providing a basic amount of protection. If the clear model isn’t for you, the Nude is available in a few other colors, each of which are priced at $19.99 from SwitchEasy, or $19.00 from Amazon.

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An immediate first for me was seeing a “how to unbox” section on the back of the packaging for the Nude. The package is typically supposed to be quick and easy to get into, especially for a smartphone case. Yet, the packaging for the Nude was overly complicated. Fortunately, the quality of the case makes up for that. Aside from the case and some unnecessary pieces of the packaging, you do get a clear screen protector that you can use.

As mentioned earlier, the Nude is just 0.8mm thin, so the case adds very little in the way of bulk to your device. Its glossy coating can add a bit of grip, though it will show fingerprints, smudges and scratches easily. Unlike most snap-on cases, the Nude actually covers the top and bottom of the iPhone, providing a little bit of extra protection compared to the rest of the pack.

There are openings for all of the essentials, including the volume buttons, silent switch, power button, speaker, Lightning port and headset jack. Regarding the latter two, these cutouts are on the smaller end, so larger third-party plugs may have a good chance of not working. There’s some minor SwitchEasy branding along the left edge, and a pill-shaped cutout for the camera on the back. I didn’t experience any issues when using the camera’s LED flash.

While this case doesn’t offer anything truly unique, it still does do a great job at doing just enough to provide for minor protection, all while keeping things clean and slim. I found there to be little to complain about overall. Its low price and basic design also help solidify it as being a case that can easily be recommended. Who wouldn’t like going Nude?

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