[Review] Proporta Slim Surround for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s (Video)

A bit of a different smartphone case comes from Proporta. Straight from England, the $26.95 Slim Surround is a two-piece iPhone 6/6s case that provides a decent level of protection in a relatively slim package.

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In addition to the Slim Surround, a tempered glass screen protector comes included. It fits the case’s front screen opening perfectly, and is thick enough for it to sit flush with the frame of the case. However, after installation, one corner of the screen protector would remain lifted up, throwing off the entire look. If you don’t get it on the first try, I recommend removing the screen protector, making sure that it and your display are both clean again, and trying the installation again.

Each piece in this two-piece kit snap securely over your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. Unfortunately, they leave small gaps between several points around the case where the two pieces are supposed to join together, primarily on the rear. This could allow debris to eventually work its way between the case itself and your actual iPhone. On the other hand, the case retains a slim design, adding virtually no bulk to the already-thin iPhone 6/6s. There are cutouts for everything, including the volume and sleep/wake buttons. The cutout for the silent switch could be a tad bigger, but it’s not impossible to get into. And while the Slim Surround doesn’t appear to have the cleanest design around, it’s still appreciably simple in that department.

Even then, I can’t necessarily recommend the Slim Surround. In addition to the gaps and potential for a bad screen protector installation, the price of the Slim Surround is a bit high, considering that this is clearly a generic, unbranded product that was purchased in bulk and came with no Proporta-branded packaging. However, if you are willing to pay for the Slim Surround, I think you’ll be happy with what it has to offer.

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