[Review] Urban Armor Gear Folio for iPhone 6+ & iPhone 6s Plus (Video)

New to the wallet case game is the Folio by Urban Armor Gear. Priced at $39.95, the Folio can store up to 3 cards, all while providing an excellent amount of protection. Alternatively, you can get the case for $34.95 from Amazon.

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If you’re unfamiliar with folio/wallet cases, they allow you to store various items — such as cards — within the case itself. This allows you to leave your wallet or purse at home for the quick trip to the grocery store, for example. Just take what you need and head on out.

Like other Urban Armor Gear cases, the Folio sticks with their rugged design, instantly allowing for easy protection against big falls. With the front cover closed with the magnetic flap, it would take one huge hit for the iPhone to be damaged. But unlike their other products, this one doesn’t come with a screen protector which, given the price, seems like there would’ve been one. Additionally, unlike other folio-style cases, the piece connecting the front cover to the main body of the case doesn’t extend along the entire side. This allows you to access the volume buttons and silent switch without having to open the cover. Even with that small connecting piece, I feel as though this implementation should be able to last a very long time. The magnetic latch fits flush into a black piece on the back of the main case.

While the Folio doesn’t have pocket space on the inside of the front cover for things like notes, there is ample room for up to 3 cards. During testing, I noticed there being some extra space in the card pouch, so I imagine you’d be able to store 5 or 6 total cards. Other features include easy-to-press button covers and large cutouts for things like the Lightning port and rear-facing camera. One odd design choice is allowing open access to the back of your iPhone in two different spots, as you can see in a few of the photos above. UAG does this with their other cases, and it’s still not clear as to why.

When you combine the reasonable price, great design and the amount of protection that Urban Armor Gear’s Folio case has to offer, it would be hard not to recommend it.

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