[Mini Review] LAX Gadgets Grip Shield for iPhone 6 (Video)

Like gold, but not too much gold? The Grip Shield by LAX Gadgets for the iPhone 6 may be just the case you’re looking for. Its price directly from LAX Gadgets is $29.99, while Amazon has it for half that at just $14.99 (and it’s also eligible for Prime shipping).

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While the packaging is nice, don’t expect any extras to be included, such as a screen protector or microfiber cloth. You’ll be getting just the case itself.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the case is actually quite nice. Its primary material is smooth TPU, while the back is polycarbonate with a carbon fiber-like texture underneath the actual polycarbonate plate. This results in a shiny and unique look. But thanks to the TPU, I didn’t find there being much grip, which is fairly ironic given the name of the case. Most of the time, it’s quite slippery. For the back, you’ll see that there are several raised horizontal lines across it, which helps keep the back of the case raised and off of a table. There’s also an Apple logo cutout that’s not covered, so you may want to look elsewhere if you don’t want your Apple logo to get scratched. Or, you can get a spare screen protector and cut out a small square to keep that spot covered. There’s also a good-sized, “pill-shaped” cutout for the camera. Lastly, there’s some LAX branding towards the bottom.

The rest of the case is pretty simple. Along the left and right are covers for the button. I wasn’t able to test the feedback, as I could only review this case using an iPhone 6 dummy (hence the “mini review” title). What I do know is that the cutout for the silent switch is plenty large, as are the cutouts for everything down at the bottom of the case. The inside features a honeycomb pattern that looks quite nice while offering a minor increase in shock absorption.

Speaking of protection, you won’t be getting too much of it when it comes to drops, but since the vast majority of the phone is covered, you shouldn’t have to worry much when it comes to scratches and other markings.

At the price of $14.99, I can easily recommend this case. It retains the slim profile of the iPhone 6 while offering a moderate level of protection. At the same time, it offers a unique design that I could see myself using on a daily basis (though I may opt for the silver model instead).

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