[Review] Obliq Slim Meta for iPhone 6 Plus (Video)

Obliq’s “Slim Meta” case offers a slick, stylish design at quite an attractive price. The iPhone 6 Plus model is available in several different colors for just $11.99 on Amazon, direct from Obliq.

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Like most other cases, the Slim Meta doesn’t come with any extras, such as a screen protector microfiber wipe. Though, given its relatively low price, that’s a very minor thing to gripe about. I will say that the packaging seems a tad bit oversized, but is otherwise simple and straightforward to get in and out of.

The Slim Meta itself, as mentioned in the intro, is rather stylish while also being fairly simple. It’s stylish in that the back has a brushed aluminum look to it (while still being made out of polycarbonate), and simple due to its overall set of features.

On the left side are cutouts for the volume buttons in addition to the silent switch, all of which are very easy to access. The power button is completely open, so there aren’t any issues with accessibility. The cutouts along the buttom of the case are all quite large. The back is where you’ll find the pill-shaped cutout for the camera, of which I haven’t had any LED flash issues. The inside is just more polycarbonate with an Obliq sticker. Additional, minor branding can be found on the bottom-right corner along the back.

As shown in the photo gallery and video review above, the red Slim Meta looks absolutely fantastic under most lighting conditions. Of the color choices available, the red may be the best looking, though having not used the others, it’s hard to say for sure. What I can safely say is that those probably look very nice as well. Some may say that there’s too much red on the Slim Meta, which I can partially agree with, but the case just looks so good in person, especially when you’re using a space gray iPhone inside.

Grip really isn’t too bad with this case, as the sides are more on the glossy side of things than they are soft-touch. I’ve always found that the former gave me more grip, while others may prefer the case having a soft-touch, satin feel to it.

As for protection, you’re actually getting a bit more of it compared to traditional snap-on-the-back-style of case. Normal ones usually leave the top and bottom of the smartphone wide open, giving zero protection for those areas. However, for the Slim Meta, they’re actually covered, with small slits in the corners to make the installation and removal process easier. As a whole, the Slim Meta still offers minimal drop protection, as there aren’t any shock absorbing materials found anywhere on the case.

If you couldn’t tell, I very much like the Slim Meta. It’s just a great looking case that’s easy to use and is well positioned in terms of price. If you aren’t looking for a flashy case, or one that’s incredibly bulky (for the sake of protection), then Obliq’s Slim Meta is certainly worth trying out.

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