[Review] Body Glove Mobile Satin for iPhone 6 Plus (Video)

Simple and slim comes Body Glove Mobile’s “Satin” case for the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s also reasonably priced at $24.99, direct from Body Glove Mobile (though it’s listed at $14.04 on Amazon at the time of this writing).

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As always, what’s included with your purchase? Unfortunately, nothing but the case itself. If you’re expecting a few small extras, such as a screen protector or microfiber cloth, you’ll be missing out. While I received the black model, charcoal gray, blue, purple and pink color choices are available.

The Satin keeps things simple with a very neutral design, using smooth TPU throughout. It’s also fairly thick TPU, so it may not be the best when it comes to high drops. There are slits along the left and right side of the case to try and help with grip, but I still found it to be slippery in most instances. On the inside is a bit of a stretched-out honeycomb design in addition to a few integrated badges. One says that the case features antimicrobial protection, and that it’s made in China (horray!). I found that the back of the case was the most eye catching as, while it’s still TPU, it looks as though it’s brushed aluminum, making it both look and feel nice. Additionally, there’s a minor lip that comes up and over the edges of the display, also known as a “lay-on-the-table design.” This allows you to place the device display-down onto a table without it actually touching the table’s surface.

You’ll find sizable cutouts throughout the entire case, which also means that the buttons can easily be accessed, though they won’t be protected from the elements. The cutouts along the bottom are plenty large and should accommodate most people’s accessories without any issues. The camera cutout on the back is just the right size to me, and I’ve had no issues with the LED flash.

At $24.99, I do feel as though a price reduction would serve this case well. Should you purchase this for less, it should be a good, straightforward option to go with for a simple case that offers an adequate amount of protection without adding much to the overall footprint of the already-large iPhone 6 Plus.

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