[Review] DRACOdesign Tigris Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 6 Plus (Video)

The DRACOdesign Tigris aluminum bumper, for the iPhone 6 Plus, is worth taking a look at if you happen to be into bumpers.

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Included with your $59.99 purchase is the bumper itself, two replacement screws and a small screwdriver. Like most metal bumpers, this does require a small amount of manual labor. There are also two screws already installed into the bumper.

Once you remove the two screws, the bumper splits into two pieces. Place the two around your iPhone 6 Plus, screw them together, and the installation process has been completed.

As far as usability goes, the bumper is quite usable. The rubber button covers could be clickier, but they’re quite fine. The silent switch cutout is a bit small, but isn’t anything too difficult to get into. The cutouts along the bottom are a bit tight, but should be fine for most people’s accessories.

Of course, as this is a bumper, there’s no protection for the back of the smartphone. Generally speaking, you’re getting very little protection at all. However, if you happen to drop it on the edge, things should be fine, though its landing could cause some issues.

Speaking of issues, the only real problem that I’ve encountered is that the bumper decreases my signal strength and data speeds (which can be seen within the video review above). It could be a minor decrease for many, but for some, it could be the difference between having a signal and not having service at all, something that should be very important during emergencies.

Still, if you’re able to look beyond that, it’s quite a quality bumper. The finish of the aluminum is slick, the cuts and splits are perfect, and it looks fantastic. Its price is a bit high, but after possibly spending several hundred dollars on a smartphone, $60 for the accessory isn’t much to spend. Personally, I can’t use something like this, as there just isn’t enough protection.

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