[Review] Cailifu Anti-Glare Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus (Video)

For just $5.90 from Amazon (also eligible for Prime shipping), Cailifu’s 6-pack of anti-glare screen protectors for the iPhone 6 Plus offer quality films at a great price.



Aside from the 6 screen protectors, included in the packaging is a thank you/installation guide, an alcohol prep pad, microfiber cloth, a card that acts as a squeegee, and some strips of tape. Essentially, everything you need to complete a proper screen shield installation.

Speaking of installation, as long as you take your time, you should be fine. My alignment was near-perfect, and there are no bubbles of pieces of debris under the film. The key to the latter is to not be afraid to use the tape. I used one piece to lift a portion of the screen protector up, and another piece to grab the debris from under the screen protector.

I was generally pleased with the results. Anti-glare screen protectors can only be so good when it comes to clarity, and these screen protectors do it just fine. The feeling is also what you’d expect from an anti-fingerprint, anti-glare film. Of course, the pros of this type include less fingerprints, easier cleanups, less scratches and, of course, less glare. The only real downside is that the clarity of your display is reduced a bit. This may be hard to get over if you’re used to viewing your high-resolution screen without one, or if you’re used to using a standard clear film. For me, the pros have always outweighed the cons.

One thing you may be wondering is if the films cover the entire glass. Like almost every other screen protector, it doesn’t protect the entire piece of the front glass, but it comes fairly close. The cutouts also aren’t as odd as some other screen protectors that I’ve seen.

In the end, these are great anti-glare screen protectors, especially for the money–basically less than a dollar each (if you don’t have to pay for sales tax).

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