[Review] ROCK Royce Hybrid Case for iPhone 6 Plus (Video)

The two-piece Royce case by ROCK for the iPhone 6 Plus does design in a simple way, but one flaw may keep you from wanting to get it. A big thanks goes out to MobileFun.co.uk for sending the case over for review. It’ll run you £14.99, or $23.49. They have a large selection of iPhone 6 Plus cases, so if this one isn’t for you, they should have something else that you may like.

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Unfortunately, the only thing that you receive in the packaging is the case itself. While the price isn’t terribly high, it’s still within range of something that should include at least a screen protector. People may not use this type of extra, but seeing companies include them with the purchase of the case is typically a nice, affordable gesture.

The first piece is a thin piece of TPU that fits fairly well around the iPhone 6 Plus. Its camera cutout is pill-shaped, which I prefer, as it keeps the design simple and less flashy. There’s also a cutout for the Apple logo that’s completely open. So, if you don’t want to scratch it up, I would recommend getting any cheap screen protector, cut out a small square, and put it over the logo. The next piece is a thin plastic band that fits around it, which also features the integrated button covers. Speaking of which, the volume button covers don’t feel very good to press at all and are hard to press, while the power button mostly feels good. The cutouts along the bottom are sizeable and easily-accessible.

What’s a dealbreaker for me is that the plastic piece doesn’t fit very well around the TPU piece. It’s fairly loose, and makes for an incomplete user experience. This may not matter to most, but I can’t remember the last time I used a case where something on it felt loose and as if it was overlooked.

Still, the design of the case is fairly simple and nice, and adds hardly no bulk to the large iPhone 6 Plus. If you feel as though the looseness of the plastic piece won’t bother you, then this would be a great case to get.

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