Deciding on the Best GSM Repeater

This guest post was contributed by Maksim N.

There’s nothing worse than having the best cellphone on the market, but not being able to use it because of bad reception. If you’re a victim of constantly dropped calls or weak 3G signal, you don’t have to sacrifice your cellphone. There’s an easy solution to the problem which can make using your mobile phone in your home a regular activity: a GSM booster.

What is a GSM repeater?

Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) is the most widely used cell phone technology. A GSM network searches for the nearest cell tower to connect to. GSM repeaters are designed with this specific technology in mind, and amplify a weak signal from a base station tower. There are a variety of GSM amplification types, so deciding which is best for your home can seem daunting. However, using the following specifications can make finding the right repeater a whole lot simpler.

What are the parameters?

There are several things you need to consider to get the right repeater for your needs. First is to determine the frequency used by your mobile carrier. You can determine this by contacting your provider or use an automatic frequency helper available on many websites.

guest_gsm_repeater_fullNext, you need to determine where you are going to use the repeater and how large of an area you want to cover. Each use requires a different type of repeater, whether it’s for your office, home, or vehicle. There are different models that cover wider ranges of space, so you need to determine the square footage of the area you need to increase your signal.

Are they easy to install?

GSM repeaters are incredibly easy to install yourself, boosting your signal in a matter of minutes. Most kits come complete with everything you need to be on your way to better cell phone reception. These repeaters usually consist of an outdoor antenna which is installed on the roof of the building or on the exterior wall, in close proximity to a window. The outdoor antenna captures the signal from the base, and transmits it through a cable to the indoor unit, where the signal is amplified and sent out to the required area through an indoor antenna. Installation is as easy as mounting the antenna and plugging in the cables.

Now that I know what I need, where do I find it?

A reliable retailer will help you get the best repeater for your needs, and at the best price. At, there are a variety of GSM repeaters to choose from, and the helpful selection tool will ensure you get exactly what you need. The team of experts offers exceptional customer service, as well as a full one year warranty. Also, you’re guaranteed peace of mind. If your repeater doesn’t fit your needs exactly, you can exchange it or return it for one that does. Reliable, great cell phone connections are just a GSM repeater away.