[Review] EMPIRE KLIX Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy S4 (Video)

The EMPIRE KLIX is a genuine leather wallet case, priced at $24.95 on EMPIRE’s website as well as Amazon, for Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

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First up are the included extras. With your purchase, you’ll be getting not only the case, but a basic screen protection kit. This includes a clear screen protector, a microfiber cloth, as well as a small applicator card that acts as a squeegee during the screen shield installation. These types of extras are always nice to see, and it’s typically disappointing when they aren’t, despite how cheap they are to include.

The KLIX features 100% genuine leather materials with a soft microfiber inside. As for quality, this case seems quite good all around and should last quite a long time. The inside of the cover features slots for up to 3 cards (such as credit cards). There’s also a small pocket behind them where you can store some case or notes, among others. To keep the front cover closed, there’s a magnetic clasp that does the job well. One unfortunate thing to note is that the front cover won’t turn your phone’s display on when you open it up, as many other cases of this type seem to do. That’s one of the Galaxy S4’s neatest features, similar to the iPad’s Smart Cover, so it was disappointing to see such a feature omitted from this case.

On the right side is EMPIRE’s actual KLIX snap-on back shell, essentially adhered to the leather case itself. It’s held very strongly into place and most likely won’t come apart anytime soon. This portion of the package is where you’ll install your Galaxy S4. It has openings at the top and bottom of the case for easy access to the top and bottom of your phone, cutouts on the right and left sides for your power button and volume buttons, respectively. Lastly, there are a few cutouts on the back for your rear-facing camera, LED flash, and speaker.

While this will add quite a bit of bulk to your Galaxy S4, its features and benefits outweigh that minor con, and it’s typically something that you’d find in these types of cases regardless.

Overall, this particular leather wallet case seems to handle the job quite well, and given its price, included extras and features, this would be a great choice for those who are looking for a wallet-style case for their GS4.

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