[Review] Empire Case KLIX Slim-Fit Hard Case for iPhone 5/5s (Video)

With more accessory makers focusing on affordability, you have more quality choices than ever. Empire Case has a number of simple and value-friendly cases, including their KLIX slim-fit hard case for the iPhone 5/5s. priced at just $9.95 from Empire’s website as well as on Amazon.

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Fortunately, even though you’re paying somewhat of a small amount for the case, you’re still getting the basic set of extras, which includes a screen protector and Empire-branded microfiber cloth. If a $10 package can include these basic essentials, why can’t a case that costs upwards of $50? I opted not to use this screen protector, as I already had one installed that I enjoy using.

The KLIX is your standard snap-on back shell for the iPhone. Installation is a snap, and the case itself is quite good for what it is. The side cutouts are well-sized and easy to access. Like most snap-on back shells, this one leaves the top and bottom of your phone completely exposed, so this isn’t a good option for those wanting to protect those sensitive areas of the phone. The camera cutout on the back is, to me, sized perfectly. The case has a soft-touch/”satin” feel to it, and has an adequate amount of grip. On the inside is a felt (?) lining to keep the back of your case protected from any debris that might end up between the case and your phone.

Overall, this is a fine case, especially given the cost. If you happen to be looking at a simple snap-on cover for your iPhone, this is perhaps the best choice available.

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