Top Travel Apps

This guest post was contributed by Bob Gorman.

Traveling for pleasure or for business can be fun, if you manage to arrange everything right. It is not uncommon for people to come back from a traveling vacation, exhausted and stressed because they had a lot of problems with logistics and taking care of all the necessary arrangements. An insufficiently planed holiday can turn into hard work instead of time for rest, relaxation and enjoyment. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the hustle, even if you have already arrived at your destination and problems have started to rear their ugly heads. There are a lot of useful travel applications for smartphones out there, which can help you resolve any issue you run into during your travels.

Here are a few that I found the most useful:


Finding a good place to eat can be quite a bother and bad food can really ruin a vacation. Thankfully, you can rely on other peoples experience by using Foodspotting. Find the place you are interested in and browse through the photos of dishes from the best restaurants in that area. You can also have some fun by spotting five foods of the same type and become a “dish expert.”


This is another app that allows you to use other people’s experience to find what you need. Whether you are looking for a hotel, a restaurant or you just want to go site seeing, tripadvisor will help you find your way about and find the best service possible. An interesting feature of this application is the Near Me Now option that you can use when you are stumped for ideas on what to do next. You simply enter your location and you will get a couple of the nearest and most interesting locations to visit.

Flight Specials App

If you have decided to put a backpack on your back and go where your feet take you, you are an adventures spirit. Now, we don’t all have the necessary cash to travel around in this manner but there is a way to cut your losses especially when you are from Australia like me and travel across continent. Flight specials app gives you immediate notifications when there is a special offer for flights, so you can get the best price for your money’s worth. You can also use this application to mark locations and fares you are most interested in and get notified as soon as they become available.

WiFi Finder

The prices for Wi-Fi use in hotels can be astronomical. Sometimes people forget themselves and jack up their Internet bills so high they really hurt their vacation funds. Avoid getting into this kind of situation by using WiFi finder which offers over 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspot locations in 144 countries. Once you have decided on a place you want to visit you will be provided with directions and a phone number, so you can make a reservation in your Internet café of choice.

The Weather Channel

Nothing can destroy your vacation like the weather. If you can’t sunbathe and swim due to heavy storm, what was the point of going to the seaside? You have to know what kind of weather you will be facing so you can plan your travel normally. The Weather Channel actually gives you all the information you need – between hourly reports and a ten-days forecast. You also have the option to share weather conditions on your social networks.
That’s about it. I hope this list gave you enough info on the subject matter at hand. Be sure to do some further research. It is best to be perfectly prepared for any kind of trip your going to have in the future.

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