[Review] LAX Gadgets Bamboo Snap-On Case for iPhone 5/5s (Video)

Many smartphone accessories are being made out of alternative materials, moving away from the traditional kinds, like silicone. LAX Gadgets has their snap-on case that has an integrated bamboo panel for design.

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One thing to note is that I couldn’t find this particular model anywhere online, however a similar one can be found from Amazon here. Because the packaging and overall structure of that case is similar, I imagine the price of the one I’m reviewing below is priced similarly.

For your money, you’re only getting the case itself, which is a little bit unfortunate, considering the expected price of this case. It’s always a kind gesture when companies include small extras, such as a screen protector, with their products.

Anyway, the main structure of this case is a standard snap-on back shell, where the top and bottom of your phone are exposed. So, when it comes to protection, these types of cases aren’t the way to go. The back of the case has a smooth, high-quality back panel, made of bamboo. I can’t verify that it’s real, so I can only assume that it is.

Taking a basic tour of the case, you’ll find cutouts along the left side for your volume buttons and silent switch. Since the top and bottom of your phone are exposed, accessing your power button or ports is as easy as it gets. The back has a well-sized, pill-shaped cutout for the camera area, and I haven’t had any issues with using the flash while taking photos.

Overall, this is a pretty standard case with the added design element of using a bamboo back panel, which many people might enjoy. Protection is a bit lacking, though, but that’s the situation with most snap-on back shells such as this one. If protection for the bottom and top of your phone isn’t much of a concern, and you like the way bamboo looks and feels, then this wouldn’t be a bad choice.

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