[Review] Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for iPad [Video]

If you happen to be in the market for a flip-open style of case for your iPad, the number of choices that you have is overwhelming. In the case of Marware, they have what they call the C.E.O. Hybrid case, priced at $49.99 from their website of $24.22 on Amazon.


The particular version that I was sent features a faux-carbon fiber pattern throughout the outside of the case, while on the inside is quality microfiber that very smooth to the touch. Quality wise, this case seems just fine, with excellent stitching everywhere.

Installation of your iPad might be a bit different compared to other cases like this one. The right side of the case is where your iPad will go, while the left side is obviously used as the front cover (which also has a hand strap). Slide your iPad into the right side, folding that side in half. It’s a bit of a tight fit, so don’t be afraid to give it some extra pressure. Once the iPad is in all the way, you can snap the two left corners into place to complete the installation.

Now is when things start to go downhill a bit, but it might not be an annoyance to some. To use the stand feature, you must remove the two left corners first, and then you’ll be able to insert your iPad’s left edge into one of the two ridges. Once it’s into place, however, the iPad won’t move at all. If you use the stand often, it will probably hard to overcome the fact that you have to remove the two left corners beforehand.

When all is said and done, this is a quality case that’s made of some quality materials. It works well overall, however the stand feature might be a dealbreaker for some.

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