[Review] SwitchEasy BONDS for iPhone 5 [Video]

SwitchEasy is at it again with their BONDS iPhone 5 case, available for $29.99 from SwitchEasy and Amazon. Consisting of a metal frame, this TPU case offers enough to keep your iPhone protected while looking unique. And, since we’re talking about SwitchEasy, you get a number of nice little extras that are included inside of the packaging.




First, the extras. SwitchEasy has been known for including “everything but the kitchen sink,” which is quite true. Inside of the BONDS packaging is the case itself, 2x front screen protectors, 1x back protector (for the metal portion of your iPhone 5), 1x microfiber wipe, 1x squeegee for installing the screen protectors, 2x Lightning port protectors, and 2x headset jack protectors.

The case itself is made of thick and durable TPU. It’s a bit wider than most cases and therefore will make your iPhone 5 feel noticeably wider in the hand, which I personally like, as it’s something different than what you’ll be used to. If you’re someone who thinks that the iPhone 5 is already too big for your hands, then this case won’t help you. Throughout the case is a soft-touch coating, which reduces the amount of visible fingerprints/smudges and scratches at the expense of grip.

On the back of the case, you’ll find the metal “spine” piece (as I like to call it). This helps add to the design of the case while making it more rigid. It can easily be removed and snapped back into place.

In terms of cutouts and button covers, the left side of the case has a large but recessed cutout for the silent switch, sometimes making it a bit hard to get into. Below that are two Xs as volume button covers, which are unique yet fully functional. They do reduce the amount of “click” as well as making them a bit harder to press, however. Along the top is a cover for your power button, also reducing the amount of feedback when pressing the button. At the bottom of the case, you’ll find cutouts for the 3.5mm headset jack (small, recessed, and most likely will not work with large headphone plugs), Lightning port, as well as perforated cutouts for the microphone and speaker. Lastly, on the back, there’s a nice pill-shaped cutout for the camera area, which is the optimal size and design. There’s also a black outline around it to reduce any potential issues with the flash.

Overall, this is an exception case with an exceptional value. The added width might be hard to overcome for some, but most should be happy with the case’s design and features.

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