[Review] Terrapin Accessories Genuine Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6+/6s+ (Video)

Wallet cases for smartphones aren’t uncommon, and neither are genuine leather smartphone accessories. But when the price is right, something must be said. That’s the case with Terrapin Accessories’ genuine leather wallet case for the iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6s Plus. Priced at just $14.95 / £12.95, you get all the features that you’d expect from a wallet case combined with quality genuine leather material to provide a product of class.

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To keep costs low, Terrapin opted to keep the packaging simple, and aside from the case, you get no included extras. For example, this means you won’t be getting a screen protector that a lot of case providers supply. As long as the case is good and not overpriced, I don’t mind, as this one is.

You first get quite a strong smell of leather to remind you that you have a product made with genuine leather. You also get a little tag that’s wrapped around the clasp to tell you yet again that you have a genuine leather product. There’s nothing else to expect in terms of little bits. In fact, you won’t find any branding anywhere on the case, which is also something I’ve come to appreciate, all stemming from other case sellers that stamp their oversized logos in multiple places.

This is a wallet case, so in addition to having a spot to place your iPhone (snaps into the basic case that’s glued to the inside-right), you have 3 slots for cards. While there are only three slots, you may be able to double stack some of your cards. Additionally, there’s a small pouch behind the 3 card slots for you to place some cash, notes, or whatever else you might have. All of these areas are easy to access. Speaking of accessibility, there are no issues using the iPhone while it’s in the case. Of course, then the cover is closed, you won’t be able to access the volume buttons and silent switch, but that’s obvious, given the style of case.

Overall, it’s been a pleasure using this particular leather wallet case from Terrapin Accessories. Not only is priced right, but the product itself is actually rather nice. While I haven’t had extensive use with it, I feel as though it should last an adequate amount of time, assuming the user doesn’t absolutely abuse their expensive devices. It’s a case that I don’t have issues recommending to others who are in the market for a good wallet case for their smartphone.

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