[Review] Silk Innovation PureView for iPhone 6+/6s+ (Video)

Unlike many cases, you’re stuck with the design that they give you. With the PureView by Silk Innovation ($11.99 on Amazon), you have the option of creating your own back panel inserts using the template that they provide.

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While I opted not to create my own insert, doing so requires that you use Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, which greatly limits the number of people who can actually make their own. A web-based tool to create your own would obviously had been a better option. Fortunately, they do provide you with several pre-made designs that you can print, cut, and use yourself.

Aside from the PureView itself, you do get a screen protector in the box, which is always great to see.

Unlike most cases, the PureView doesn’t feature a curved back, so it’s not the most comfortable case to hold in your hand. Because of the ability to add your own custom insert on the back, there’s a flat, clear panel that allows this to happen. Because of the glossy nature of this material, it will show fingerprints, scratches and smudges. Without using an insert, you’ll want to clean the back of your iPhone in addition to the inside of the case so that bits of debris aren’t visible. This clear back piece holds onto a matte-feeling TPU band, which itself feels a bit slippery. This band has four cushioned corners to help with your drops. None of this is too thick or noticeable bulky.

Along the left are large covers for the volume buttons, which take a little bit of extra effort to press in exchange for a fair amount of feedback. There’s a decently-sized cutout for the silent switch, while another button cover can be found for the sleep/wake button. Along the bottom is a standard cutout for the speaker, but what’s impressive is the size of the cutouts for the Lightning port and 3.5mm headset jack. They’re actually quite massive, enough to where large third-party plugs should be able to fit fine.

For the price of $11.99, the PureView makes for a great choice if you’d like to customize the look of the rear of the case, or if you have accessories with large plugs on them. The band also provides for a decent level of protection, further justifying its low price.

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