[Review] SwitchEasy Numbers for iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 6s Plus (Video)

While SwitchEasy’s Numbers cases don’t feature anything special in the way of design, they’re uniquely simple in their own right. Several different colors are available for purchase, each priced at $24.99 a piece from SwitchEasy (also available from Amazon at various prices).

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Back in the day, SwitchEasy included lots of small extras with their accessories, including screen protectors and port covers. Today, that’s not the case. Granted the Numbers has integrated headset jack and Lightning port covers, you still don’t get a screen protector, which seems odd given the price of the product.

Aside from the packaging, there’s the Numbers itself. This is an extremely simple, smooth case, one that complements the iPhone’s own simple design quite well. Its material consists of TPU in the matte variety, which doesn’t do you any favors when it comes to grip. I found the Numbers to be extremely slippery, much like how the iPhone is without a case altogether.

Looking beyond the lack of grip, the case does feature a few nice things. For one, the volume and power button covers are easy to press, and offer a fair amount of feedback when actually being pressed. Accessing the silent switch is easy, as its cutout is quite sizable. As opposed to a regular cutout for the speaker, SwitchEasy opted to use perforated holes, which align perfectly with the drilled holes for the actual speaker on the iPhone. The back is completely flat, and free of any branding. In fact, the only branding you’ll find is a somewhat-subtle SwitchEasy logo along the right side of the case. The back also houses the pill-shaped camera cutout, which is lined in black to prevent any issues with the LED flash. Overall, the size of the case helps it fit comfortably in your hand.

Now, onto the integrated headset jack and Lightning port covers. They’re integrated into the case, which helps you keep from losing them, but they’re always there. By that, I mean that, if you’re constantly plugging/unplugging your Lightning cable and/or headphones, the covers can become quite annoying. They’re a bit stiff to remove, though they do fit flush into the device. Also, the actual headset jack and Lightning port openings are a bit small, so if you’re using larger-than-standard plugs, it may not fit properly (if at all).

Despite what I feel are issues with grip and the integrated port covers, the Numbers is still a fine, quality case from a company that’s good at these things. While I feel as though the price could be decreased a tad, it would still be a fine buy if you could live with a few of its annoyances.

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