[Mini Review] LAX Gadgets Natural Wood Case for iPhone 6 (Video)

The Natural Wood Case by LAX Gadgets offers an interesting yet traditional take on a normal smartphone case. The iPhone 6 model is currently available from Amazon for $19.99, while it’s nowhere to be seen on LAX Gadgets’ actual website.

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This simple case is composed of a polycarbonate shell with a wooden insert/panel along the back. Because of this, I feel as though the name of this case should change, because the case isn’t really made out of natural wood materials.

For your money, you’ll be getting only the case itself. If you’re expecting any extras, such as a screen protector, you may be left disappointed. On the bright side, I do appreciate the simple, frustration-free packaging that LAX Gadgets has going on.

As mentioned, this is a simple, snap-on-the-back style case for the iPhone 6. The black that you see above is just a polycarbonate shell, while the back houses a wooden back panel. I’m unable to verify if this is real wood or not, nor am I able to identify what type of wood it is. Like most snap-on cases, the top and bottom of the iPhone 6 are both exposed, and overall result in a minimal amount of protection. There are cutouts for the volume buttons, silent switch and the sleep/wake button. For the camera cutout, it’s medium in size. As I was using a dummy iPhone 6 for this review (as I only have an iPhone 6 Plus), I was unable to test whether or not there’s an issue with the LED flash.

What I can say, though, is that the design is certainly eye-catching, and something that you don’t see very often on a smartphone case. I very much appreciate its unique texture and patterns found throughout the wooden back panel. The only branding that you’ll find comes on the inside of the case in the form of a simple “LAX” logo imprinted towards the bottom.

Aside from this having a unique design along the back in a rather slim profile, there isn’t really anything else to say about this case. Although, I would like to see the price of this case drop just a tad, but it’s otherwise a fine purchase if you’re looking for something that offers a minimal amount of protection while offering that, as mentioned a few times before, unique wooden back panel.

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