[Review] Proporta Slim Back Shell for iPhone 6 Plus (Video)

Keeping things slim and light is Proporta’s slim back shell case for the iPhone 6 Plus, available now for $19.95 from Proporta website in black or clear color options.

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While I don’t know the exact thickness of the case, I’ll safely say that the case adds hardly no bulk to the large iPhone 6 Plus. This is great for those who want to slap something onto their device to give it some basic protection, obviously more than what you’d find on a bumper. You’ll still need to be careful, as the top and bottom of the device are left exposed to the elements. This kept me from using the case for longer periods of time. Still, I greatly appreciated the thin profile, and wish that they’d come up with a version to cover the top and bottom.

As for design, as mentioned earlier, it’s a very simple case. The back curves along with the back of the iPhone 6 Plus, making it rather comfortable to hold. Since the case has a glossy finish, expect fingerprints, scratches and other markings gathering everywhere. I found the grip level to be adequate.

You’ll find plenty of cutouts, including one for the volume buttons and silent switch on the left, the power button on the right and, of course, everything at the bottom. This makes accessibility perfect. The cutout for the camera on the back of the case perfectly conforms to the camera area and the LED flash, as some call a “pill-shaped” cutout. I haven’t had any issues with the flash.

Proporta offers the ability to have text etched on the back, as you can see in the image and video review above. This is a great option, should you decide to order this case as a gift for someone. Do keep in mind that it adds $6.95 to the already-high purchase price, bringing the total to $26.90. I would prefer the price of the case to decrease by about $5 to make it more reasonable, considering how simple this case is, how little protection it offers, and that there’s no included extra, such as a screen protector.

Still, judging the case for what it is, I like it. Protection concerns aside, the fact that a mostly-full case adding hardly any bulk to your iPhone 6 Plus is a nice experience to have.

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