[Review] Proporta Bumper for iPhone 6 Plus (Video)

If you’re into bumpers, you have a number of choices for the iPhone 6 Plus. Like most, Proporta’s $20 entrant, simply called the Bumper, offers little in the way of protection.

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Proporta’s bumper consists of textured plastic in addition to traditional TPU on the front and back edges. The TPU provides you with an adequate amount of grip in addition to preventing things from shifting around when on a tabletop.

On the left, you’ll find metal covers for the two volume buttons. They both provide a fair amount of feedback and overall feel fine when being pressed. The silent switch cutout above them is a tad small, but otherwise fine to access. The power button on the opposite side offers just a bit less feedback, but works just fine and is properly aligned. All of the cutouts along the bottom are of reasonable size, though the Lightning port cutout could be bigger.

As this is a bumper, you have very little protection for the front and hardly any protection for the back. But if you’re even considering a bumper, you’re most likely aware of this already.

What’s unfortunate is that there’s no screen protector included with your near-$20 purchase, which to me is a bare essential, regardless of device. This leads me to value. Since there aren’t any extras, the $19.95 pricetag seems high. $14.95 would be more reasonable.

The main drawback from this bumper is that it takes the rounded back of the iPhone 6 Plus away, replacing it with a square-ish design, like the iPhone 4 through iPhone 5s. For me, it makes things uncomfortable to hold.

Nevertheless, the bumper is made with quality in mind and, looking beyond the price, lack of protection and lack of rounded sides, should be fine.

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