[Review] DRACOdesign SUPERNOVA Aluminum Bumper for Galaxy S5 (Video)

When thinking about which type of case you’d like to get for your new Galaxy S5, did you ever think about getting an aluminum bumper? If so, DRACOdesign has what they call the SUPERNOVA, a stylish and sleek aluminum bumper, priced at $79.99 (also available on Amazon). If the silver, that I’ll be taking a look at in this review, isn’t your color, it’s available in four other options: meteor black, copper gold, flare red, and electric blue.

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DRACOdesign says that the SUPERNOVA is “materialized using airplane grade of aluminum A6061 that offers ultra-lightweight and provides maximum protection for the phone.” Although, to be honest, you’re getting a very limited amount of protection, due to the bumper being just that: a bumper. You’ll only be getting protection for the side of your phone, rather than all-around protection, including the back and/or front. Still, though, should your phone land on the side when dropped, it should make it out with very little damage. All told, this isn’t the type of accessory that you’ll want if you’re expecting protection. And because of the wide design, it makes the already-large Galaxy S5 more difficult to hold. To me, this seems to be more of a fashion accessory than anything else.

Like other aluminum/metal bumpers, the SUPERNOVA requires 2 screws for installation. You get two of them already preinstalled, while two more are included in the packaging. Also included is a screwdriver to actually get the installation done. The installation itself is straightforward, although it’s not something that you’ll want to do often, due to the nature of it all. This is something you’ll be leaving on for long periods of time.

On the inside are strips of rubber placed throughout, which help give your phone a slight bit of shock protection. You’ll want to be careful because the edges of the two pieces can be sharp, and scrape/scratch your phone’s plastic sides. DRACOdesign used metal button covers with a spiral design on them, which look and feel great. Along the top is a clear piece for your IR blaster to continue to work, as well as a somewhat small cutout for the 3.5mm headset jack. Along the bottom is one large cutout for the USB 3 port and microphone as well as a few holes for the lanyard.

In the end, the SUPERNOVA isn’t exactly a practical product. As mentioned above, this seems to be more of a fashion product than anything else. Judging it for what it is, though, it’s not a bad metal bumper by any means. It’s slick, clean and overall works well, especially its button covers. Personally, this isn’t for me, but if this is your type of accessory, it’ll do the job well.

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