[Review] Urban Armor Gear Maverick Galaxy S5 Case (Video)

Designed for the Galaxy S5 comes Urban Armor Gear’s line of cases. Each case has the same design, but with different names and colors. The clear model happens to be called the Maverick, and is the one that I’ll be taking a look at today.

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UAG’s cases typically provide you with a good amount of drop protection, and that’s no exception with the Maverick. It uses a clear, hard polycarbonate shell with TPU corners and other areas to provide you with a reasonable level of drop & shock absorption. UAG even claims that the case “meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6).” This amount of rugged protection translates to the overall design of the case, making everything look tough.

That same TPU material is what’s used to cover up your volume and power buttons. It allows the buttons to be pressed fairly easily without taking away from the feedback, of which there is a lot of. Cutouts are quite sizable, so accessibility shouldn’t be much of a problem unless your accessory/cable plugs are massive. Grip is about average, and since it adds to the width of the Galaxy S5, can make everything a challenge to hold at times, unless you have large hands.

The price tag is a very reasonable $34.95, and included with your purchase is a clear screen protector, which many other companies neglect to include. If Amazon is your go-to place to buy things, you can find the same cases at noticeably cheaper prices that are also eligible for Prime shipping.

All told, UAG’s GS5 cases are simply fantastic, offering you a unique design with a good level of protection for your new GS5 (and other devices). Its price is right, and you can’t go wrong with picking one up.

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