[CES 2014] Quick look: Ceramic iPhone audio amplifier, the Megaphonemini by en&is

iPhone sound amplifiers aren’t new, but the designs and materials that they’re made out of continue to change. By en&is comes the Megaphonemini, a completely ceramic passive amplifier for iPhones. It’s the successor of the seemingly successful Megaphone.

MegaphoneminiVersus the larger Megaphone, which was made to be more of a design piece for people’s homes or offices, the Megaphonemini is made to be portable, with en&is saying it “can be safely carried in your bag or backpack, ideal for listening to music at park during a picnic or at the beach while tanning, without any electrical supply.”

While I was only able to test it in a loud convention center, it did greatly amplify your iPhone’s audio. Since it’s not a dedicated speaker, don’t expect the audio quality to be that great, however.

The Megaphonemini is currently listed as “coming soon” with an unknown price.

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