[CES 2014] Quick look: Samson’s new line of affordable microphones (Video)

At this year’s CES, Samson launched a wide variety of new and affordable microphones that are perfect for nearly any usage scenario.


The Meteorite is a very compact USB condenser microphone that can fit in the palm of your hand. This is an entry-level microphone that’s noted as being “ideal for Skype, iChat and voice recognition software.” You can also plug it into an iOS device via Apple’s camera connection kit and use that for recording audio. The USB cable isn’t removable, however. The base is magnetic so that the microphone itself will stay put. Lastly, it’s available in a wide variety of colors to suit anybody’s style.

Next is the Go Mic Direct, and as the name suggests, it plugs directly into your computer’s USB port for quick, high quality recordings. The micrphone itself can swivel around, should your computer’s USB port be positioned on the opposite side.

Last up is the Go Mic Beaming, which is ideal for “recording and communicating in noisy environments.” It clips directly to the top of your monitor or laptop’s display. The software provided by Samson lets you control which type of listening environment you’re in so that it records just what you want.

The Meteorite and Go Mic Direct will be available for around $40 each, while the Go Mic Beaming is a bit more at around $80.

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