[CES 2014] T-Mobile announces a new plan to pay for people’s ETF

During a press event today at CES, T-Mobile announced their much-anticipating plan to start paying for people’s early termination fees should they switch from another provider, and starts tomorrow. Information about this plan was leaked sometime last month.

“This offer to pay early termination fees provides families with a quick way to escape carrier contracts that have deterred them from pursuing a better and more affordable wireless experience with T-Mobile,” said T-Mobile.

The way that the plan works is seemingly simple, and starts as early as tomorrow:

  1. Turn in your existing phone and receive credit for it, up to $300.
  2. Purchase a new phone from T-Mobile.
  3. After you receive your final bill from your existing carrier (the one containing the ETF), mail it to T-Mobile, or upload a copy of it to www.switch2tmobile.com.
  4. T-Mobile will send a payment of up to $350 per line.

This is yet another very bold move by T-Mobile, one where the rumors of this program actually sparked AT&T to come up with a plan of their own that’s filled with strings.

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Source: T-Mobile