[CES 2014] A look at NVIDIA’s triple-screen 4K gaming setup (Video)

Much of this year’s CES talk, even more so than last year, is about 4K. NVIDIA took that a step further by combining three 4K displays for a really awesome (and expensive) triple-screen gaming setup.


The game that was being demoed was an unreleased driving title called Project CARS (more info here), which I’ve actually been testing for well over a year. It’s expected to be released towards the latter part of 2014. Personally, this was the first time trying Project CARS using more than one monitor, and it was pretty unique. The next step is to convince myself to invest in a few extra monitors for my home racing setup. NVIDIA only had an Xbox 360 controller to use, but anywho…

At this part of NVIDIA’s booth were three 4K displays, each with a standard 4K resolution of 3840×2160. Since three of them are being used from one PC, the total desktop resolution was a whopping 11520×2160.

Pushing all of those pixels are not one, not two, not three, but four of NVIDIA’s flagship GTX Titans in a quad-SLI configuration, all packed neatly together in a custom, fully-watercooled gaming rig by Origin PC.

To me, this setup didn’t feel very revolutionary, so the advantage over using 1080p displays seemed rather minimal. This might’ve been due to the distance between the displays and the podium that people were playing at, so different conditions might’ve provided better results.

Regardless, 4K is the way of the future, and it’s coming fast. It’s all still quite expensive, but seeing how much prices have come down in 4K televisions and monitors just within the last year, we’re only a few years away from 4K equipment going mainstream for everyone to enjoy.

NVIDIA has some more information at their blog here.

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