[Review] Generic red TPU case for Nexus 5 [Video]

You don’t need to spend a fortune on accessories to give your Nexus 5 some much-needed protection. For just $3.95 on eBay (with free shipping), you can get yourself quite a quality case.

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Because this case is so inexpensive, you can expect to see absolutely no branding, which lets you enjoy the actual case more than anything.

The fit is as good as it gets, with no loose edges of any kind. Because the top and bottom of the Nexus 5 aren’t flat (see: iPhone), you won’t have to worry about any dropping sections either.

While the majority of the case is of a flexible TPU material, there are two different finishes to make this one unique. You can see this when looking at the back of the case, as to the left of the ‘S’ design is the matte/frosted finish, while the rest has the normal glossy finish. The left and right sides of the case are textured to provide an excellent amount of grip.

You’ll find covers over the lone power button as well as the two volume buttons, while your headset jack, top microphone, bottom microphone, bottom speaker, micro-USB port, and rear-facing camera all have reasonably-sized cutouts. The button covers do reduce the feedback just a tad when pressing them, but it doesn’t make them any more difficult to press.

Like with most TPU cases, you’ll find somewhat of a large lip that works its way around the front edge of your display, provide you with a “lay-on-the-table” design. This means that, should you put your device display-down onto a table, the screen will be lifted up enough to where it’s not actually touching the table’s surface, which is good news for those odd folks who don’t use screen protectors of any kind. This also gives your display some extra protection.

All told, this simple case is my go-to Nexus 5 case, as its features, price and design are good enough to where I wouldn’t think twice about using it and recommending it to others.

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