5 Auto Apps You Should Keep On Your Phone If You Own A Vehicle

This guest post was contributed by Jenny Wadlow.

If you own a vehicle, there are certain apps that you should keep on your phone. They’re not essential because we’ve lived a hundred years without them, but they will make life easier and that is all anyone wants. Take a look at what they do and you’ll see what I mean.

Find My Car

guest_auto_apps_1If you park your car in the same bay every day you will always know where to find it, but it’s not so easy when there are thousands of other cars around. I’m sure you would find your car eventually if you kept looking, only you won’t need to search if you have this app. That is because it uses GPS to pinpoint your car on a map and it will show you how to get back to it. Even if it saves you a few hours’ worth of time it will be worth having on your phone.

Dynolicious Classic

guest_auto_apps_2Some people love cars a lot more than what is considered normal. You’re maybe the type of person who actually knows what they’re looking at when they stick their head under the hood. If you want some really cool information about your car you can get it using this app. It uses your phone’s accelerometer to give you data like your ¼ mile and 0-60 times. You can also use it to see how many G’s you pull when you fly around corners when you’re at the track.


guest_auto_apps_3As soon as something happens to your car you probably shed a little tear because you know it’s only a matter of time before you get ripped off at the garage. If you knew how much something should cost you would save a lot of money. This app helps you by giving you a recommended price for any car repairs you might need. There is even a nice community who will help you try to solve what is wrong with your car if you’re clueless.


guest_auto_apps_4You can be the best driver in the world and it counts for nothing when some silly driver thunders around a corner and smashes into you. Car crashes are a part of life and all we can do is make sure we are prepared when the worst eventually happens. iWrecked gives you the ability to record everything you need to know after an accident. It will even put you straight through to your insurance company so you can inform them of your predicament as soon as possible.

Waze Social GPS

guest_auto_apps_5GPS maps might help you get to wherever you want to go, but unless you have one with a cool built-in voice they’re not too exciting. Waze is a little more fun than your normal one because everyone who uses the app gets to update it. That means you will be shown the way you need to go, but you will also know what the traffic conditions are like too. If there are any speed traps in the local area you will hear about them before you speed past one.

Author Bio

The author of this post is Jenny Wadlow. She plys her trade at SouthernCross Chauffer Drive, providers of excellent corporate car hire services. Jenny is a freelance blogger and a vintage car enthusiast.