[Tutorial] SIM unlock your Galaxy S4 for free in just a few minutes

With smartphone freedom still being quite restrictive, even on “open” platforms such as Android, SIM-locked phones don’t seem to be going anywhere. Fortunately, for Galaxy S4 owners, a free and fast SIM unlocking method is now available. Hurry, just in case Samsung and/or your carrier patches this find.

The Steps

  1. Launch the Phone app and head towards the dialer. Dial: *#0011#
  2. Hit the menu button, then the Back button. Hit the Menu button again, and select KEY INPUT. Hit 1 and press OK to enter ServiceMode.
  3. Hit Menu again, and then Back. Tap [1] UMTS.
  4. Select [1]DEBUG SCREEN, and then [6] PHONE CONTROL.
  5. Select [6] NETWORK LOCK.
  6. Select [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF.
  7. You’ll need to go back to the main menu by hitting the Menu button, and then the Back key. While at the main menu, select [6] NV REBUILD.
  8. Your Galaxy S4 should let you know that a Golden Backup is available, so select [4] Restore Back-up.

After various freezes and reboots, your Galaxy S4 will eventually bootup back to normal, but with a permanent, SIM unlock.

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Source: Redmond Pie

Via: @Slate004

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