TPU cases protect your iPhone while staying fashionable

This guest post was contributed by Stephanie.

Electronic device design has come a long way in the last several decades. Computing power that used to take up warehouses now fits into our hands, and can go almost anywhere. Unfortunately, sometimes it still feels like we’re carrying around warehouses rather than ergonomically designed phones. Despite advances allowing for lightweight, sturdy smartphones, many still feel unnatural and can be difficult to use. Using protective cases like a TPU case for your iPhone 5 is a great way not only to protect your phone but also to make it more comfortable to hold and use.

Soft, rubber-like TPU (Thermoplastic PolyUrethane) material is comfortable in your hands and isn’t slippery. The smooth plastic, metal, and glass used on the iPhone can sometimes be a little difficult to hold, but enclosing it in a case makes it less slippery, and also protects it in case you do drop the phone. Most people use their phone constantly throughout the day. Just like you would spend time making sure you buy comfortable, attractive and functional clothes because you wear them all day, it makes sense to spend time making your phone comfortable and functional for frequent, daily use.

TPU is the perfect material for iPhone cases. It is soft and comfortable, but also has enough grip to be easy to hold. Overly soft materials can be slippery, and are subject to tearing / ripping. Overly firm materials, on the other hand, offer little advantage over the already rigid structure of the phone. TPU runs the middle ground, being easy to hold yet not slippery, and firm enough to protect the phone but soft enough to pad it from bumps and drops.

Protecting your phone is another very important function of TPU cases. iPhones are expensive for most people even with the subsidized prices, and your cellular service provider probably charges very steep fees if you break your phone and want to replace it before your service contract is up. You might have noticed people using phones with broken screens because it’s too expensive to replace them. It’s impossible for a case to completely protect your touchscreen, because you need access to it, but a case that wraps around your iPhone and cushions it from falls will drastically reduce the possibility of cracking your screen or otherwise damaging your phone.

Although the screen is the most important part of the phone, you also want to protect the phone all around. After setting down the phone on many different surfaces, it’s easy for the back to become a little scratched. Using a case means that your phone stays safe. If the case ever does become scratched, you can replace it for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to replace the phone. Fortunately, TPU is a durable material, and resists most minor scratches and tears. TPU’s rubbery feel also means it is still comfortable to hold with scratches in it, unlike hard plastic, which gets sharp, jagged edges when cut.

If you’ve never used a TPU case before, you probably don’t realize what you’re missing. It’s impossible to fully appreciate the advantages of a TPU case without actually having felt the comfortable texture and snug fit around the phone that a TPU case provides. You may want to see if a friend has a TPU case you can hold, or try out one in a store to feel it for yourself – but don’t forget to shop online for the best prices available. TPU cases tend to be very affordable, and you’ll appreciate the protection for your phone.

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