Intel’s 4th-generation HD 5000 graphics to offer up to 3x performance increases

With early benchmarks of Intel’s 4th-generation CPUs let out a while back, not much was said about the mobile graphics side of things. Intel’s “Iris” graphics platform will aim to offer a performance boost of up to 3x over the previous generations. Intel goes as far as to compare Iris with having a dedicated video card. Which video card? That wasn’t mentioned. Other improvements include faster QuickSync performance, support for OpenCL 1.2, DX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.0, as well as increased bandwidth through integrated display outputs. One thing to note is that graphics performance will vary depending on the actual CPU itself, much like previous generation processors. For example, the upcoming Core i7-4650U won’t perform as well as the 4558U’s iGPU. All told, it looks as though AMD is still the champ when it comes to integrated graphics performance.

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Source: The Verge