7 great Android apps for cloud computing

This guest post was contributed by Iryna Ostapets.

As far as Cloud Computing applications is concern the mobile and desktop application are engaged together into an internet service web application. This technology is very significant and beneficial because cloud computing application users can able to access all their data wherever they are. There are various separate apps available in the market that make possible for Cloud Computing intended for Android users. People who use Android Apps can access their services and data from different kind of Android devices that includes desktops, Android tablets, and Android phones. In this article I provided some of the great Android Apps for Cloud Computing:

1. Evernote

For how many years Evernote has been developed and hailed to be a note application and default webclipping for smartphones. The utilization of Evernote to Android phones allows you to access all your notes from corner to corner of the devices.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs perhaps one of the best applications for Cloud Computing for Android user that allows the user to keep all files, data and images. The exploitation of this application will allow you to transfer all your images, data, videos, and files on to Google Docs, which also allows you to share it with others.

3. Safe Wallet

Another kind of Cloud Computing app is the Safe Wallet, this app allows the user to keep all data with encrypted information to the desktop. And that information stored in a Safe Wallet can be synced through internet via smartphone and cloud.

4. Flickr Free

It is an open-source Flickr app intended for Android gadgets. Usually this app was connected to your Flickr account that allows you to view and manage all of your stored images. By using this app you can upload images and photos directly to Flickr.com using Android devices.

5. Mint.com

It is a kind of free personal finance application that connects the user to their credit card details and bank accounts using your mobile phone or desktop. Indeed this application allows the user to check credit card debt and cash balance in their bank accounts even without the login details.

6. AndroNoter

This app is a very simple to use notetaking app that attach into the online Simplenote service. By just pressing the button it’s enough to save and synch your note online, and then if you want to view all your notes in the app all you have to do is to visit their website. Also there is also a Firefox plugin that connect with simplenote, or you may utilize the Mac notetaking app National Velocity to access your entire note through desktop.

7. The Upshot

By using your Android phone you can able to visit their website and use their offered services. Technically that is called cloud computing. However, still the best way is to utilize an app that performs faster than a website and simple to apply. Perhaps the site Mint.com Android app is most likely the best example, this is because their widgets are easy to access as it appears on your home screen and you can check it faster than a website.

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