[Review] Musubo Retro for iPhone 5 [Video]

Looking for an iPhone 5 case that’s a bit out of the ordinary? Musubo’s Retro (Amazon) is an interesting option, priced at $34.99 and available in a number of different colors.




Musubo’s inspiration comes from an old-style microphone, such as the one shown here. They also did an excellent job in translating that over to a smartphone case.

The case itself is made up of two different layers, including an inner silicone layer, as well as an outer polycarbonate layer. Both of them fit extremely well with each other. The silicone itself, on the back, features perforated holes, giving you more design elements as well as a little bit of reduced weight. Lastly, the polycarbonate is really what this case is about, as you can clearly see in the images above.

The feel of the case is fantastic, as it’s actually quite ergonomic, due to the case’s curved back, making it very comfortable to hold. However, the case will add a little bit to the width of your device, so it might feel awkward to hold at first.

This case does have an issue that you might not find to be an issue to yourself. And, that issue is that the silicone at the top and bottom of the case can sometimes droop down too much, also known as a “saggy bottom.” The top, though, droops upwards, but it’s not as noticeable as the bottom. I imagine that, over time, this could get worse.

Quite honestly, the rest of the case speaks for itself, so there’s not much else to talk about. It offers a unique design and a fair featureset that might compliment its $34.99 price.

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