[Review] iWALK Mirror Shield for iPhone 5 [Video]

Many smartphone owners appreciate the design of their devices, and don’t want to cover it up too much with some bloated case. The most simple of cases tend to come in the form of snap-on back covers. The iWALK Mirror Shield is one of those, and it’s priced at $24.99. What’s unique about this one is that its back has a mirrored finish, allowing you to view, for example, yourself.




Because this fits under the “snap-on back cover” category, the majority of the Mirror Shield is rather simple and generic. Like most back covers, the top and bottom edges of your phone remain completely exposed, as are the two volume buttons and silent switch. In other words, if protection is what you’re going for, then this obviously isn’t the way to go.

The finish on the back of the case is a mirrored finish, allowing you to view yourself, for example. Due to this, that side of the case is a bit of a fingerprint magnet, so it will look rather dirty fairly quickly. You can clean it easily, though. Scratches can also be a problem. The sides of the case have a soft-touch finish to it, which greatly decreases fingerprints at the expense of grip, although the case is still a bit grippy.

I really wish that the price of this case was lower, because there simply isn’t much about the Mirror Shield to justify its $25 price. However, if you’re in the market for a simple back cover that happens to have a mirrored back, then the Mirror Shield would be a nice choice to consider.

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