Sony unveils the PS4, but not the PS4

Now that Sony’s PlayStation 4 event has concluded, what did we learn from it? Sony’s making a PlayStation 4, it’s going to have good graphics, and it will be here in Holiday 2013.

That is all.

In all honesty, that was about it. The 2-hour-long press event was filled with graphics and game demos with not a single visual of the PlayStation 4 console itself. We did, however, see the rumored DualShock 4 controller that was leaked last week.

Pricing? Not a hint whatsoever, but I and many others speculate that it will be at or near $399. In terms of availability, the only thing that was shown was “Holiday 2013,” which would make sense. But in regards to the other important bits of information about the PS4, they were left for naught. However, many of the developers who were on stage to talk about their upcoming products hinted that perhaps we’ll see the thing at E3 and PAX East in June and March, respectively. Our own Will will be on the ground for PAX East, so stay tuned for coverage.

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