Windows RT jailbreak tool released – Lets you run custom desktop apps

One of the many interesting things about Windows RT, the tablet-specific version of Windows 8, is that it still allows users to enjoy the typical Windows desktop interface. Unfortunately, Windows RT limits users to using just the stock applications. A simple tool allows you to unlock the ability to run anything that can run in the desktop, assuming it’s been compiled for ARM devices. There are only a handful of desktop apps that work, which can all be found in a list here. It doesn’t come without its flaws, though, as the jailbreak is reverted as soon as you restart your tablet. This exploit can also easily be patched by Microsoft and deployed via Windows Update. If you’re interested in the jailbreak, head on over to the XDA thread here to get all of the information that you can think of. Hopefully, Microsoft will just allow people to run third-party desktop-specific applications in the future, and update the SDK to allow developers to easily port or create applications for ARM.

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Source: XDA-Developers