9 Reasons Why Need An Echo Spot

This guest post was provided by Ian Andrews.

One debunked myth in the tech revolution is that people will be scared away by smart technology. Coincidentally, people are not just scared, but the intrigue is so much that there is no real effect on the overall commercial viability of the technological gadgets. Amazon’s Echo Spot is one device that will revolutionize how smart technology integrates with our daily lives. Here are nine reasons you must have it by 2018.

1. Keeps your smartphone away

Maybe you are always on your work desk hammering designs and reports on your computer. The smartphone can be a distraction, yet imperative. With an Echo Spot, you have your smartphone with you. As long as it is properly connected, it can do many things that your phone can including reading emails aloud for you and sending replies.

2. Smart home appeal

Smart homes and smart home gadgets are on the rise – from thermostats, HVAC to microwaves. The Alexa-supported assistant can connect to all smart devices and operate them safely. It, therefore, means you don’t have to wake up to power on the air conditioning when you have an Echo Spot.

3. Smart Alarm

A smart alarm is one you tell to remind you to pick the groceries on your way home, call the supplier before you leave office, or just remind you to check on your kids at home. The Echo Spot alarm gives you everything you need to easily schedule tasks, especially if you are a little overwhelmed.

4. Place it Anywhere

Amazon hopes that you will buy several Spots – an office Spot, a home Spot, among other possible Echo Spots – for yourself. In fact, they believe that with time, the Spot can accompany you at all times to make your life simpler.

5. Nursery Camera

It has a smart camera and a small screen. You can use the camera to keep your office or home secure by checking in on it. You can also have the camera watch over your baby while you take care of household chores.

6. Video and Voice Calls Compatibility

You can make all your calls using the Echo Spot by specifying the person you want to call, and both audio & video calls are supported.

7. Full Alexa Support

All Amazon Echo Spots come with full Alexa – the voice and video assistant – support. Your phone will just be the servant, while it takes orders from your assistant.

8. Instant Music

Apart from listening to you, it also hears surrounding music and any other sound. To make it play a song, you can simply specify which song you want it to play. It can also identify music that it’s hearing from other devices, such as a radio or television.

9. Secure

To be clear, the Echo Spot always listens to what you say. While data is encrypted, it’s only a matter of when – not if – this data can become compromised.

About the author

Ian Andrews is a technology entrepreneur. He is an ardent reviewer of tech products. He focuses on how tech gadgets integrate with people’s lives.