[Review] CHOETECH PU Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy Note 7 (Video)

Simple wallet cases don’t need to be expensive. CHOETECH’s PU / synthetic leather wallet case for the Galaxy Note 7 proves this as it comes in at just $8.49 from Amazon. If black isn’t for you, other colors are available.

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With space for up to 2 cards, notes and bills of cash, this case is best suited for those who occasionally wish to leave their larger wallets behind for quick trips to the store (among other places). Its slim enough to fit well into your hand, and will provide a minimal level of protection.

The case uses multiple materials: PU / synthetic leather for the outside of the front flap and back case, a polycarbonate shell where your phone sits, and soft suede for the interior. You have complete access to everything that the Note 7 has at the bottom, the power button, and the top microphone. Moving to the back, you’ll find a well-centered and sizeable cutout for the rear-facing camera. As the volume buttons are covered up from the spine of the case, they can only reliably be accessed when the front cover is opened, but this is par for the course when it comes to wallet-style cases.

The card slots are a bit tight at first, but do loosen up a tad with time. As mentioned above, if you would rather insert notes or cash into the slot, you can completely do so. One unfortunate thing about this case is that the front cover actually lifts up when the slots are filled. When empty, the front cover lies flat. What would solve this is a clasp mechanism of some sort, which this case obviously lacks.

However, given the low price of just $8.49, CHOETECH’s offering is one that is certainly worth taking a look at.

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